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Gamecare UK

Gamcare is a free, non-profit service provider for people suffering from gambling addiction who is responsible for all gambling-related advice and support in the British subcontinent including England, Scotland, and Wales. Established in 1997, Gamcare is linked with the National Gambling Helpline to encourage a safe approach to gambling and create awareness among players. Any individual in need of help can contact the helpline 0808 8020 133 or talk directly with trained advisers who are available 24 hours a day. 

More About Gamcare

Gamcare is a charity organization that deals with individuals and families who have been affected by gambling and gives them aid through support, advice, and information. Associated with the National Gambling Helpline, Gamcare offers help online through live chats with operators through their website and face-to-face advice to individuals in the United Kingdom through their trusted partners in networking. All top sports betting sites in the UK are registered with Gamcare. Along with sports websites, it has its reach in gambling sites, with professionals who work in the gambling industry. Gamcare trains these professionals to provide support and recognize and prevent gambling disorders with the onset of compulsive gambling habits. Gamcare is under Gamaware as a part of the National Gamble Treatment Service.  

The Safer Gambling Standard 

The Safer Gambling Standard falls under Gamcare and all its responsibilities are adopted by it. It is a quality standard for licensed gambling operators set according to societal expectations. These standards are laid down after careful research data which was compiled since the onset of Gamcare services. It is based on real-life experiences of gambling addiction and the obstacles faced with the addiction. The standard also considers the data from the overall experience in the gambling industry. 

A gambling operator or site can seek acknowledgment from Gamcare and request its services by notifying them. Once they get permission, they can display the Safer Gambling Standard logo on their page. Gamcare had been offering the Gamcare Certification to these sites before the Safer Gambling Standard was issued in 2018. This acknowledgment needs to be renewed at the end of the term for each.

Programs by Gamcare

An interactive training session is undertaken by Gamcare to assist individuals interested in offering help like teachers, students, parents, and youth workers. The session involves workshops, games, vlogs, chat sessions, quizzes, videos to create an inquisitive atmosphere and foster interest in the steps that are needed to be taken for the well-being of borderline compulsive gamblers. These sessions also help prevent developing bad gambling habits. 

Youth Programmes

Gamcare has also partnered with Samaritans, a charity organization serving to help anyone in trouble, to create a suicide prevention training program to prevent deaths by suicide related to gambling. Gamcare also has Bigdeal as a part of its many training modules which targets instructing young people against addiction. 

Women’s Welfare

More than 30% of the female population has been affected by gambling problems and has contacted the National Gambling Helpline seeking aid.1/5th of Gamcare services are taken up by women. A woman’s program has been launched in 2019, to safeguard women from the risks of compulsive gambling and problems like financial difficulties and abuse. This program has been funded by the Gambling Commission in contact with the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms. 

Gamcare and Criminal Justice System

Gamcare had been partners with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for two years in Hertfordshire and provided its services within the Criminal Justice System. They have worked in Hertfordshire since 2020, running till 2022, and have contributed support to the Howard League Commission on Crime and Problem Gambling. Gamcare gives the prisoners access to the National Gambling Helpline to extend support to them.

Partners and Partner Networks of Gamcare

Gamcare has been partners with Samaritans since July 2019, creating a suicide prevention charity by training personnel to help individuals overcome problems related to gambling and suicidal thoughts that accompany the loss faced with gambling. The training is implemented so as to be able to recognize problem gamblers and risk gamblers and support them before the onset of their gambling addiction. The years 2019 and 2020 have seen up to 11% of the gambling population of the UK ask for help for suicide prevention through the National Gambling Helpline.

Aquarius, established in 1977, provides a range of Gamcare services to people dealing with alcohol-related difficulties in the West Midlands. RCA, formerly The Renfrew Council on Alcohol, also established in 1977 provides alcohol-related support to Scotland, in Paisley, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness along with the borders. 

ARA or Recovery for All provides service for gambling and drug consumption-related problems in areas of Wales, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Newport, Cornwall, Bath, and some other areas near them. 

The Beacon Counselling Trust offers Gamcare services for personal or work-related problems through therapists in the Liverpool region along with Wigan, North West, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, and others. 

Breakeven provides Gamcare service in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Cambridge, Norfolk, and Suffolk while Krysallis provides treatment and guidance to areas like Harrogate, Bradford, Hull, and East Yorkshire. 

Leeds Community Gambling Service provides confidential online support while NECA or North East Council on Addictions offers services related to gambling, alcohol, and drug in areas of North East and York, Scarborough, and Whitby. 

Derman, the Turkish language-based partnership with Gamcare, provides its services to Turkish people based in Hackney, mainly Kurdish, Turkish, Turkish Cypriot, and Eastern European Turks. This service is based on healthcare and others and is specifically for the Turkish community in the UK.

RAF Benevolent Fund  

Apart from these partners, Gamcare has also collaborated with the RAF Benevolent Fund to give extra aid and assistance to families linked with the Royal Air Force (RAF) whose members are experiencing gambling-related problems or other issues. 


Gamcare has helped multiple people suffering from gambling addiction since the beginning of its service and has successfully provided aid to those suffering from gambling addiction and its problems and prevented cases that could have become notorious in itself. Gamcare is always available and ready to help those in need hence players can contact the service whenever they require help.   

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