Swedish Gambling Authority – Spelinspektionen

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Swedish Gambling Authority Spelinspektionen

Spelinspektionen, or Swedish Gambling Authority for those who cannot swirl their tongue to pronounce it, is a European gambling entity that is known worldwide. Sweden is one of the few countries globally that allows and actively promotes gambling and betting within its borders. It is in the range of UKGC, only for Sweden. It is so well-known because it is setting an example of player protection while actively promoting gambling in the country.

Short history overview

The regulatory body has been formed during the 1980s, and its acts were a part of multiple laws. Therefore, the regulative has been changing over the years. Yet, the entity was and still is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance in Sweden. They do not require your dental care folder when applying for a license, unlike other gambling entities. However, the ride only begins once you get it. The SGA is famous for its frequent checks and audits when it comes to license holders.

Industry reputation

The operator is known for the iron regulative environment. Still, advertising practice and the growing possibility of monopoly by few large operators made them reconsider few things. The significant change came into effect in 2019, turning the Swedish market towards a more diverse market model. What that meant shortly after was that around 70 operators got their work permits.

Recently, countries worldwide are imposing limitations due to the pandemic. However, not everyone seems to think that it is a good thing, according to Spelinspektionen. After all, their goal is to enable safe and fair gambling and betting. Still, sometimes pure bans and caps cannot be the solution, like a cap on players’ deposits. The regulator is currently negotiating with the Kansspelautoreit, Dutch gambling regulator, and Curacao eGaming regarding services they offer to the Swedish players and bettors. To put it simply – they are doing their best to enable a suitable environment for gambling and betting activities.

Licensing system

Swedish Gambling Authority license is not a one-fit type. Therefore, whether the operator wants to offer, advertise or host games from a third party, it needs to request a different permit. There are six types of them:

  • State-owned Games;
  • Public-purpose Games;
  • Commercial Land-based Games;
  • Cruise Ship Games;
  • Commercial Online Games;
  • Betting.

The casino or betting operator has to pay for the application and for taxes after obtaining it. The rate is 18% out of the yearly revenue.

Operators under its license

Gambling and betting operators who have no intention of harming the players in any way will have no problem or delays when cooperating with this regulator. However, those who take Spelinspektionen lightly and don’t want to comply with the rules will not have a good time working with them. This is because player protection comes first, and there is a history of finning the operators who have some shady work.

Regardless of the size the importance of the gambling brand, the regulator will do its job. This was the case with Genesis Global, Ninja Casino, and AG Communications, to name a few. They got warned, then fined, and some even got out of business. The rebranding did not help, as the regulator make sure to warn the players. Also, they made sure that the problematical operator doesn’t get the license again under any circumstances.

Status with players

You will enjoy the ultimate protection during your activities on Spelinspektionen licensed websites. The regulator makes frequent audits when it comes to permits. In other words, operators have to be up-to-date with all relevant changes in the gambling industry. Complying with rules is not everyone’s thing, and the Swedish Gambling Authority is making sure that those are out before they cause more damage.

Players are usually unaware of the potential issues since the regulator reacts quite fast to the players’ inquiries. Solving disputes is efficient in Sweden, and this is no exception. Still, quite different from the rest of the regulator gang, it cannot be reached directly. You can only fill out a form on the website and use the contact info provided there.

However, players don’t like the fact that they cannot use welcome bonuses. It is a forbidden thing on the Swedish gambling market, and there is no arguing about it. Moreover, the reason for this ban is player protection, since welcome bonuses can be misleading.

Good stuff

Safe environment for rolling significant amounts – Sweden is all about fun, within agreed limits. The rules get laid out at the start, and if you are okay with them – no one can deny you the deal. Regulated gambling and betting are real things where you can have fun as long as you want, without fearing the possible fraudulent activities and house cuts.

Fair gaming, player, and funds protection are set on the highest levels in SGA casinos. They even go as far as blocking transactions and restricting access to specific websites. They are not shy when it comes to holding operators responsible, and you can play assured that your winnings would be gained by a fair percentage.

Most of the software makers love to work with Spelinspektionen licensed operators. Therefore, you can enjoy all of your favorite casino games and try out new ones. The offer is vast, and winnings are promising.

Not so good stuff

They have similar methods as UKGC, meaning that they will opt-in for restrictions until the situation is not resolved. Such actions may cause you to fall under the regulation that was not intended for you, but it still affects your time on the casino’s or bookie’s website.

SGA casinos cannot operate internationally. Therefore, if the operator wants to take bets from players worldwide, they need to obtain an additional license. Still, this might change in the future. The regulator is reconsidering the current regulative. They may find a way to enable international offers.

No welcome bonuses are allowed. This is one of the few things which SGA is insisting on. The advertisement policies are clear regarding it. Casinos with other licenses also need to comply with this rule if they wish to offer their services to the Swedish players.


If you are a Europe-based player, Spelinspektionen regulated casinos are a good choice for multiple reasons. Top-notch casinos and bookie websites have their seal, and the experience should be in line with the UK’s. Still, be prepared to lose your favorite operator (not your funds or anything similar) due to rigorous checks and license evaluations.

Also, they have more rigorous rules when it comes to bonuses and advertisements. Therefore, if you are looking for a big welcome bonus, keep looking.

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