Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

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Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is not a new name in the gambling industry. Bailiwick of Guernsey, as a British sub-territory, which Alderney is a part of, quickly picked up when it comes to gambling and the betting market. Being an entity on its own, Alderney has several working frameworks for gambling and gaming in general.

Therefore, a vast part of their GDP is being filled thanks to these activities. Moreover, operators under their seal are endorsed by international players since they offer their services despite geopolitical turmoils. Players get a premium service because AGCC makes sure to connect all the dots and give its gambling operators the chance to provide their best.

What You Need To Know About The AGCC

Alderney is a British Crown Dependency, as the Isle of Man. With that being said, AGCC is a regulator working under the jurisdiction of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Moreover, the financial entity is collecting taxes and taking care of finance regulative on the island. AGCC was created in the 2000s. They are also one of the four members of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR). The IAGR is working on various business and regulative frameworks to access new markets more accessible, and AGCC is actively involved.

Industry reputation

It is one of those regulators who has a reputation worthy of UKGC, but it is not as strict as them. Alderney GCC is cooperating with multiple gambling entities, connecting operators with new markets every day. Their license is valid worldwide because of it, and communication with authorities, governments, and lawmakers set a good foundation for doing business.

It is somewhere in the middle between the strict, unlikely-to-get-it-ever and quick, easy-to-get-if-you-have-any-ID when it comes to getting a license. It has a long streak of good behavior of operators. Moreover, it has been known as a fairness keeper and quick respondent when needed. However, they are not flawless. They overlooked a situation with Full Tilt Poker 10 years ago, which lead to a fiasco. Still, there haven’t been any major issues since then, and their reputation stays solid and positive.

Licensing system

There are two main categories and two sub-licenses under them. Category 1 is Business to Customer (B2C), which allows you to do player management to all its extent. You can either offer services from Category 2 AGCC licensed operator or from any other licensed entity. Category 2 is Business to Business (B2B) type, and it allows the operator to do everything that C1 can do, with the ability to handle gambling transactions, software making, and betting activities.

When it comes to sub-licenses, these are called Associate Certificates. They are meant for those operators who wish to work under AGCC license but are not based in Alderney. The costs for charges are high, and the permit is paid on a yearly level.

Operators under its license

The casinos and bookie websites are set up to perfection before they get the license. AGCC is quite demanding when it comes to service levels and background checks. The permits are expensive, and keeping them is not cheap as well. Still, the process is fast, and the operator can get it within a month. Still, the whole verification process might take up to one year.

Many AGCC licensed casinos also have a third-party seal for doing fair business. Some of those organizations you probably know about, like eCogra or iTechLabs. It means that other entities have confirmed that the casino or betting websites are safe to use. Operators who have it are usually the safest to play at on the Web.

Last but not least, operators under its license might have the chance to use the first cloud platform under some regulator jurisdiction. The reason for such initiative is labor costs and security, but also the speed of the service.

Status with players

Because it is endorsed by UKGC, Alderney casinos are pretty popular with the players. But, unfortunately, there aren’t many regulators who can offer their casinos the chance to work in the UK market and worldwide at the same time. Also, since they can provide games from global software makers, it is a treat that cannot be missed.

Whichever game you prefer, the level of service is as high as it gets. AGCC also has strict demands regarding personal data protection, funds separation, and similar areas. They have learned the hard way not to leave anything to chance. Therefore their verification processes are strict but necessary. In other words, for you as a player, this means that you will get a fabulous service, which is fair and safe.

Good stuff

AGCC licensed casinos to have more live dealer games available compared to others. Due to their geopolitical ties and agreements, Alderney has access to most of the game makers globally. Likewise, this is true for live dealer games as well. So if your live casino is your thing, you should definitely pick an Alderney casino.

Fair gaming is brought to another level in AGCC casinos. The regulator makes frequent checks and audits of its operators. Moreover, they request an RNG system that will prevent houses from winning more than they should. As a result, the house edge cannot be under any circumstances bigger than 10%. Usually, it is around 0.5-5%. In other words, you will have better odds of winning in their casinos.

Among other things, Alderney has the most informative website about everything you need to know regarding gaming and gambling under their jurisdiction. You don’t have to be an attorney or be familiar with all gambling and finance terminology to go through their explanations. It is praise that not many gambling authorities have the chance to get.

Not so good stuff

Due to the not-so-low costs of managing the business in Alderney, casinos may have higher wagering requirements. Therefore, most of the casinos won’t raise their prices per turn or spin. However, they may put a few more times as a condition. Apart from that, there is not much to complain about.


AGCC enjoys utter respect in the gambling industry for good reasons. Not only is it available for UK players, but it is also available for players worldwide. However, the regulators need to pay higher prices for their seal, but it is worth every penny. Players who sign up for their casinos will have a premium and secure experience.

On top of that, there is a way to reach out to the regulator anytime. After all, it is good to know that you can rely on the authority and avoid bureaucracy as much as possible. Alderney authority is not making it easy for operators but doing everything to provide top-notch betting or casino experience.

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