Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)

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Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

While others fear and don’t question UKGC, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA) is not a usual gambling regulator. However, with a long history in the business, low taxes, and better business conditions, they have been working their way with pretty successful issues in the gambling industry. They are known for their strict and rigid license obtaining process, and if you are applying for one, you won’t get it quickly.

However, when it comes to players, they can rest assured that they will enjoy playing on great websites, sometimes with better conditions and more payment options than they would expect.

Short history overview

The body’s history is based on Gibraltar Regulatory Act made in 2000. Likewise, they are one of the first to go with and implement the player protection systems. In addition, the enforced the Data Protection Act in 2004. Gambling and betting are a big part of the island’s budget. Therefore, it is no wonder that about 30000 people work in the industry.

Although possibly opposite to the common notion that Gilbrartar’s GA will not go against the UK since it is a British overseas territory, this regulator is fighting for player rights without exception. Moreover, GRA is the only one to actually confront UKGC regarding some of the laws and regulations they wanted to implement.

Yet, they stay and defend their stance regarding players’ protection and are firmly against high taxes as a form of market management. On the other hand, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) has been working on opposing the high taxation and mandatory UGKC license for Gilbratar casinos to accept UK players.

Industry reputation

Gibraltar casino licenses are hard to get; there is no question about that. In other words, they have been setting their bars high, and only the operators who intend to do a clean business and are persistent enough can make the cut. However, the conditions for operating on Gilbrartar and under Gilbrartar’s license are more than favorable. As we have mentioned – low taxes, flexible laws, and excellent reputation are good things to apply for.

The authority and good strike are something GRA is proud of, and therefore most of the gambling industry giants want to do business in Gibraltar or at least host events there. Poker tournaments, eGaming Summit hosted by KPMG (industry’s accounting star), and various local events are something that makes GRA’s position at the top even stronger.

Licensing system

Nope, it is not another MGA casino license thing, with classes and separate permits for each type of gambling or betting. Instead, GRA separates certificates into two main groups based on the operator’s business model. They can either be B2B or B2C. There are six types of them, which operators can obtain only if they prove that they have the necessary expertise in the gambling industry. Then, of course, the potential casino would need to provide financial documents to prove it, open a company, bank accounts, and all required in Gilbrartar on top of that.

Operators under its license

It is a long road to getting one of their seals (and legal backups of it). However, the process is not as expensive as it is thorough, detailed, and demanding. The thing with GRA is that operators need to have multiple licenses if they have few types of services. Also, to obtain a Gilbrartar casino license, the operators need to have another gambling permit from a different GA.

That way, GRA ensures that the casino management has the experience and is familiar with the market. It is one of the reasons why GRA has such a reputation. To illustrate how tough it is to get their permit, they only issued around 40 of them in 2019.

Status with players

Whether we discuss land-based casinos or online casinos with Gilbrartar licenses, the experience and service are always on a high level. Because of the rigid permit obtaining process, the casino management sticks to the agreement and provides impeccable conditions for any type of gambling, betting, or related activities. With all of that in place, players are more than satisfied with the whole package, from games to payment conditions.

Of course, some would not agree. As in any industry, there are cases where clients believe that they have been restricted or harmed somehow. In this case, apart from sanctioned instances, the cause of this dissatisfaction might be that not everyone can play at GRA licensed casino. There are legal things that Gilbrartar takes care of when issuing a license, and not everyone can live up to the demand. Therefore, before registration, each player needs to check if he can actually play based on his country of residence.

Good stuff

Casinos under their license stand as the best long-term choices. The solid base that online casinos have to provide is fantastic if you are looking for your new regular casino. In addition, most of them offer extra rewards

Operators represent big brands, making sure that they have the finest and the latest for their players. Most popular online casinos want to have a GRA license because they will have a chance to provide the best service at low costs. Ones that have it will offer slots, casino games, whatever you may think of, and it will give you a great menu to pick from.

They are safe, reliable, and no-nonsense. GRA is not messing around when it comes to player protection. So even though they are more on the player’s side, don’t think that they won’t make sure that everything is impeccable before making a verdict.

Not so good stuff

GRA is picky; therefore, not all players can play at their casinos. UK players, for example, can play in a casino with a GRA license, but only if it has a UKGC one as well. Furthermore, as explained before, Gilbrartar only works with solid brands, big companies who proved their competence in the business. Therefore, they have restrictions when it comes to players’ country of residence as well.

Low-key operators or new ones will have a hard time getting the license. Therefore, you won’t be seeing GRA seal all around the Web. Likewise, you will not see occasional variety in new, not-yet-popular games or game makers since GRA needs to approve everything beforehand.


If you wish to play at a fair, flexible, yet experienced, and reputable casino, GRA-licensed casinos are the right choice. Their permit holders are perfect for long-term arrangements, big amount rolls, and serious gambling or betting. Occasional or recreative players will also enjoy their stay on their websites. It is a safe environment with outstanding security, fairness, and excellent casino games and betting opportunities.

For UK players looking to play at non UK casinos, GRA licenced casinos are sadly not the place for you. You should look more into Curacao licensed online casinos or at casinos suitable for people registered with Gamstop.

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