Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB)

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Nevada Gaming Control Board

Both Nevada Gaming Control Board and Nevada Gaming Commission are regulating the Nevada gambling and gaming industry. As a federal entity, the USA does not allow gambling, but gambling, betting, and all related activities are not prohibited in some states. Therefore, the individual states can make their own setup and attract players with reasonable offers. Not many states can say that they actively endorse these activities, but Nevada is probably the leader when it comes to it.

Short history overview

Gambling has been one of the primary sources of funds for Nevada for a long time. Since the late 1930s, gambling had its solemn spot in the economic recovery of Nevada State after the Great Depression. Since it is home to Las Vegas, the most known place in the world for gambling, it is no wonder they have a solid legal regulative. Up to the 1970s, they were the only American state that allowed gambling within its borders. However, thanks to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 2018, every state can have its own laws for regulating betting and gambling.

Industry reputation

Nevada is a synonym for gambling and lavish spending games. Therefore, most of the industry is well aware of the GCB and its rules. As the solemn gambling kingdom, it indeed enjoys a respectable reputation. Moreover, international confidence is not gained quickly, hence the respect. GCB regulated market and operators have ignored the online aspect of the gambling industry for some time now. Still, this is not possible anymore due to 2020 events. Most businesses turned their aims to online activities, with tournaments and other events taking their turn in the virtual domain. Heavy promotion is followed by already famous sweepstakes, and most of the players have no objections.

Licensing system

Things concerning US gambling regulation are not easy to take in. The reason for this is that there are federal laws, which are in force for all states. Moreover, state laws can allow or prohibit certain activities based on the authorization of federal law. There are around twenty different types of permits, and most of them are related to land-based casino activities. The licensing process is detailed, slow and extensive, and albeit not cheap.

However, GCB is under severe pressure since many operators are turning to the Web versions of their businesses. Although all of this is covered with giving the permits only to the major players, it is not enough. Many operators are rethinking their business strategies, and we might soon experience Nevada’s grand entrance to the virtual realm of the gambling space.

Operators under its license

GCB gives permits for sportsbooks and poker exclusively. Moreover, this means that you will not see an online casino under its license on the Web. If you consider that Nevada is the home of the world’s largest and most prominent land-based casinos, it is no wonder that their players have no interest in online versions.

As for the betting websites and online poker, they are limited to apps from big players. The famous ones are Golden Nugget, Ceasars Sportsbook, and BetMGM. However, they are, by default, a part of a more extensive network, like MGM or Wynn Las Vegas. The renowned names are making sure to cooperate with international partners due to the market changes and social restrictions.

The gambling industry took a severe hit by the 2020 happenings. Still, the game is not over; it just moved to another realm, although not so willingly. Land-based gambling has been so well-established that the whole virtual thing is like developing a business from scratch.

Status with players

GCB licensed websites are an excellent choice for bettors who prefer mobile sports bets and online poker players. However, as the country is still not considering online casino licensing, you will need to check either in Tax for players on the federal level is 24% for US residents and 30% for non-residents for all gambling winnings bigger than $5000. In addition, the legal age for gambling in the US is 21 or older, unlike in Europe, where you can play if you are 18 or older.

US players are probably very much familiar with the Las Vegas notion, so the online versions of it are not different at all. Players who decide to play in Nevada casinos will enjoy using the extended online versions of their favorite betting places. However, when it comes to poker, the pandemic changed the whole game.

The players couldn’t go and play poker as they did, so operators turned to online solutions. Therefore, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship had to move online, and there have been many poker rooms open for playing since.

Good stuff

Great betting websites are something that might surprise you, but that is very true. Nevada is a pioneer in the States regarding mobile sports betting, with the first one being out in 2010. The apps are released under some of the major casino operators and their sub-brands. Land-based casinos will not put up an online version of their deluxe experience but will give their players a chance to enjoy premium betting while waiting for a table.

An excellent offer of online poker is something GCB licensees are proud of. Even though Nevada players are not into online casino games as much as expected, they are way more into online poker. Poker as a game, in general, is going strong in Nevada, and with WSOP and similar contests now moved online, you will not be disappointed with the offer. In addition, the most prominent names in the online industry, like 888Poker, are legal here, and you can play at it with gusto.

Not so good stuff

No online casinos are allowed, only online poker. Although there is no comment from the authorities on the issue, the potential reasons are not hard to find. Nevada is the country with the most renowned land-based casinos in the world. Therefore, players purposefully come to the US just for the experience they provide.

You cannot bet online unless you visit one of the land-based casinos holding the betting app. We know how this sounds to new-age players, who are used to quick, few-step registration, but it is a thing. Most of the mobile betting apps are owned by grand casino chains, like Ceasars.


If you are looking for an online casino, you should look elsewhere. However, if you are into online poker or mobile sports betting, GCB licensed operators are a perfect choice. Since they have been familiar with the gambling nuances for almost a century, they will provide something for sure, even for the picky ones.

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