Gamstop UK Self-Exclusion Program

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Gamstop UK Self-Exclusion Program

Gamstop is a self-exclusion service provided by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) meant to restrict compulsive gambling by banning users from gambling sites. Gamstop targets controlling excessive online gambling practices among users to promote safe gambling. This service can be used in the British subcontinent, specifically in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is a free service provided by the UKGC that is provided to prevent users from falling into the depths of compulsive gambling. 

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a free service of self-exclusion set up in 2018 by the Remote Gambling Association (RGA) functions under The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited or NOSES. This is a voluntary  self-exclusion service for players to restrict themselves from online casino sites. It is also used by casino operators. Developed by the UKGC, it is available for use only in the British Isles and Northern Ireland. The UKGC had implemented a new policy that all online gambling sites under them have to be registered under Gamstop from 31st March 2020 onwards. Hence, all the UKGC licensed online gambling casinos are partners of Gamstop. Signing up for Gamstop prevents access to any online gambling sites or apps registered with Gamstop but they cannot prevent players from using gambling sites not registered with Gamstop

Gamstop works like SENSE or Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion in the aspect of providing voluntary self-exclusion service but Gamstop is specifically designed by UKGC for online casinos while SENSE works on real land-based casinos. They are also operated by different organizations. Both of the schemes are the most effective in the United Kingdom. 

Registration Guidance 

To avail of the services of Gamstop, you have to be registered on the site. The site needs the personal information of the user including their birth date, email which would be used to register, an active phone number, residential address, and addresses of the user’s previous lodging. 

The next step is verification and signing up. The user will receive a confirmation email meant for the verification of all the personal details provided by the user. The confirmation email will have all the necessary information required to set up an account including tools and support. Gamstop also provides additional help which can be accessed through the support page. 

A duration of 24 hours is essential for the completion of the account setup. The site will then impose restrictions from gambling sites up to a period of 6 months to a year to 5 years, as per the user’s needs.

The site needs the user to update their personal information on a regular basis to maintain the potency of the service. Gamstop does not allow users to withdraw services unless a minimal time period is covered and there is no system of refund available. Gamstop also does not take responsibility for funds that are stuck in other accounts, they are not accountable for that. Since the site does not refund, it maintains the exclusion service to the end of the time period. 

How to Use Gamstop?

Gamstop requires access to personal information which helps to set up the account. This information is for surveillance purposes and checks the status of users and if they are trying to gamble online. Having a Gamstop account completely prevents users from betting on any gambling site licensed under it. If any Gamstop user tries to bet on any online gambling site under Gamstop, they are rejected access to the site. This is due to the information stored in their archive which becomes functional once any user tries to use gambling sites. 

Gamstop does not condone illegal usage of the site and blocks all fraudulent usage. It does not allow advertising through the site, especially if it is promotional or spam. Gamstop blocks the transmission of viruses and protects the user. The service is completely safe for operation.

Update Policy

The first step to update the account is signing in using the existing registered email and password. It will take one to their account where the user can update their information which needs to be changed like address, email, phone number, or postal code. It is vital for the Gamstop user to contact the tech support to update any existing information,  

Re-activating the account is easy enough as Gamstop does not terminate the service after the completion of the stipulated time period. Hence, the user can choose to extend the service if they need it. 

Support System

Gamstop has a stable support system that provides emotional, gambling, and debt support apart from helping reduce gambling tendencies.  

Emotional Help

Gamstop provides users with contacts of organizations that can provide mental support to gamblers and a safe space to talk about their troubles. This help involves online and face-to-face counseling and advice to distressed people. Gamcare is one such support organization. 

Gambling and Debts Related Help

It provides advice related to financing and debts to help users recover their lost funds. The advice given is completely confidential and anyone is free to seek advice for themselves or others. Expert aid is dispatched in each case to give professional guidance. 

Miscellaneous Help 

Gamstop also has partners which can help curb gambling through the usage of adblockers to reduce seeing ads related to gambling and blocking software to protect users’ devices. The Gamstop site also gives further advice like deleting gambling apps, unsubscribing from gambling companies and unfollowing gambling sites, and contacting personal banks to block all transactions related to gambling. 

Gambling Sites and Gamstop

Most of the gambling operators in the United Kingdom are registered under Gamstop including all the popular online gambling sites. Online casinos, poker, online bingo sites, slot sites along with other real money games are registered under Gamstop. These are licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and hence have the permission to carry out legal gambling procedures. The gambling sites which are not registered under Gamstop do not have permission to use Gamstop services either. Therefore, if anyone tries to use Gamstop services with non-UK-licensed gambling sites, they will not be blocked and will be able to play on these sites. 


Gamstop has successfully managed to restrict and control gambling addiction and produced positive results benefitting the users. Its goal is to help all those suffering from compulsive gambling addiction and financial mishaps lead a better life by promoting healthy gambling habits and controlling their addiction. Gamstop also protects non-compulsive gamblers from choosing a terrible fate by going down the path of addiction. In general, Gamstop usage is needed for the betterment of individuals and also of their close ones. 

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