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Gamban Self-Exclusion

Gamban is a gambling blocking software used on gambling sites and apps. Founded in 2015, Gamban is considered the most efficient and useful tool for banning the use of gambling applications. It is a secure and affordable option to check excessive gambling. Currently, Gamban has become a highly recommended and popularly used software that has garnered positive reviews from users. It is a tool aiding thousands of people to overcome their gambling addiction. 

How Gamban Operates?

Gamban needs to be installed on the device being used. There are different methods to install Gamban on different systems like Windows, Mac, Android. Gamban also does not interfere with the working of other apps installed on the device and locates only the gambling apps and blocks their use. Gamban is compatible with most devices and can be used on different versions of phone brands too. Gamban also does not have any influence on non-gambling sites or other players and can be used without any worries. It protects the user in particular. 

Gamban provides the option of a free trial which gives the user an idea of how the software works. Players can test the effectiveness of Gamban before purchasing the software. 

Sites Banned by Gamban

Gamban blocks multiple sites and apps including online casinos, poker sites, slots sites, sports betting, and esports sites, and also table game sites. Gamban also blocks skins gambling, a new form of betting involving virtual products exchanged for currency. Apart from skins, loot boxes use is also blocked by Gamban. Other types of social games involving fake money and trading games are also banned by Gamban. Added to that, Gamban does not give an option to the user to choose what they can block. It indiscriminately blocks all gambling sites and apps. The reach of Gamban extends worldwide, providing a large range of people to gain access to Gamban. 

Gamban does not block gambling-related advertising or investment sites, especially if they do not include risks and loss of real money. 

How is Gamban Different from Other Blocking Schemes?

Gamban’s primary goal is to block all access to gambling-related apps and sites from the device itself. The device registered with Gamban will not be able to access the app or site itself. The blocking software bans the linked device from any further access to all gambling sites, even online trading sites. Other self-exclusion services like Gamstop do not block apps or sites rather restrict a user to register with online casinos or other gambling sites.

SENSE works the same as Gamstop but on land-based casinos instead of online ones. Both Gamstop and SENSE are applicable only in the United Kingdom and use the personal information of the user to check their registration to gambling sites. However, Gamban does not need personal details and it has a reach extending to thousands of gambling sites around the world proving its efficiency in curbing gambling addiction.

How to Sign Up for Gamban?

Gamban is at the disposal of thousands of users all around the world and can be used at any location preferred by them. To sign up for Gamban, one needs to register with their email address and set up a password. The sign-up procedure is slightly different with respect to the device being used and the user would have to apply for that specific version of the software. Gamban does not require credit scores or other sensitive information to register but it does need a VPN or Virtual Private Network to set up an account on certain devices like Android. After registering, the user can gain admission to their account through the Dashboard option. 

Additional help can be gained by contacting support or chatting through the live chat option or visiting the contact page. If a user desires, they can also link their social media accounts to their Gamban account for better service. 

Payment Options

At the completion of the free trial, Gamban gives you the option to subscribe to gain their service for an affordable sum of 24.99 pounds a year or 2.49 pounds per month. It accepts all cards including credit cards and debit cards and PayPal with it. Gamban is applicable to up to 15 devices for usage. 

Gamban has a renewal system that is updated automatically. The renewal can be stopped by removing the payment methods from the account which will terminate the account after some time. 


The safety of Gamban has been confirmed time and again by users as it does not intrude on the functioning of other apps. The service makes sure that no information related to the device can be used by Gamban nor can it check the operation of other apps. Hence, the device is not affected while using Gamban. Gamban also does not require information regarding race, religion, gender, or social security numbers so there is no fear of personal information being leaked online. 

Why You Should Use Gamban

Gamban allows you to self-exclude from compulsive gambling habits and brings about positive changes in your life. The features are specially designed to assist users. They include: 

  • Blocking of gambling sites around the world
  • Fast installation and easy activation
  • Presence of multiple platforms
  • Quick support 
  • Easy to use resources
  • Promo codes, equal distribution to users
  • Availability on all devices


Gambling addiction is a serious issue that is on the rise in recent times and many families worldwide are affected by the terrors accompanied by compulsive gambling. This addiction not only affects individuals and families financially but also takes a toll on the mental and physical health of an individual, often leading to self-harm or suicide.

Helplines related to gambling addiction and self-exclusion services like Gamban seek to liberate people from the clutches of gambling and create a safe space for addicts who find it difficult in controlling their gambling urges. Gamban is one of the various steps one can take to control the urges for gambling and seek relief from gambling. Registering on such sites can ultimately save multiple individuals and also promote safe practices which will lead to healthy individuals and a healthy nation. 


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