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Online Casinos For Canadian Players

Gambling Scenario in the Country

Speaking of gambling, the first question which comes to mind is,” Is it legal in my country?” The simple answer to the query is. Yes, it is legal to gamble in registered casinos in Canada. However, Canadian Gambling laws vary from one province to another, which might leave any new gambler in a state of confusion. There are numerous land-based registered casinos and forms of betting available in Canada, including popular government-run betting websites.

Gambling in Canada is quite an activity enjoyed by the players in their free time. The availability of both offline and online casinos has now pumped up the Canadian gambling industry to massive yearly revenue of C$14 Billion.

Legalities and Regulations

Any form of gambling, including lotteries, was illegal in Canada until 1985. Before the legalization of most gaming documents in the country in 1985, Canada had witnessed a history of unlawful gaming bound with planned crimes. 

A Canadian resident has to be at least 19 years old to place bets at any legal casino in Canada, except if you are a resident of Ontario or Alberta, where anyone above the age of 18 to engage in such activities.

The laws of gambling vary from province and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For instance, Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario provide an open platform for both land-based and online registered casinos to run. At the same time, a few provinces, such as Yukon territory doesn’t even allow any land-based casinos, and some other states only permit gaming in the government betting websites or casinos

But in the current date, Canada has a well laid legal structure of gambling laid out, which are covered in sections 201, 202, 206, and 209. These sections clearly define penances that one might suffer if one commits any criminal offense during online/offline gaming.

Offshore gambling is legal in Canada, but any foreigner cannot accept bets from the country. There are only a few hand-picked government-managed physical and virtual betting platforms available for the public. Many gamblers prefer offshore gambling and might fall into unregistered or unethical scam websites. Hence one should always verify if the casino is licensed and regulated.

Top Providers Available 

Canada has a vast range of software providers and websites that offers over 600 types of games to put your money into.  

Playtech, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and Novomatic are popular online gaming software on Canadian soil. The government managed websites such as Espacejeux are a few choices of betting online many gamblers prefer. Each of them takes a different route to keep the players entertained by the variety of games they offer, ranging from Video-slots to classical table games.

Top Game Category

Slot machines are the most favored gambling category that the Canadian casinos offer, along with Blackjack and Lightning Roulette. Charities previously ran slot machines. They provide extensive entertainment even to a new gambler as it is the most accessible form of betting and is available in every casino across Canada. The player needs to choose how much they want to bet on. They are available in versions of a three-reel slot or a five-reel slot along with progressive slots.

Baccarat, on the other hand, is another popular category that is mainly preferred by heavy betters. The trill and class of the game make it one of the most luring casino games. The gameplay is simple as one can bet either in favor of the banker or the player by holding the closest hand to nine.

Blackjack or 21 is indeed another game that needs extensive planning with real money on the line. The objective to win is simple, you need to pick a card, and whoever’s sum is closest to 21 wins. Learning the rules is indeed a cup of tea, but mastering could take years.

Popular Casino Games in the Country

A few famous casino games enjoyed by Canadians are:

• Roulette – The old classic roulette wheel spin is unsurprisingly still amongst the best out there. It requires no strategy to play, and the software developers regularly improve the graphics and style of the game to keep the players entertained.

• Craps – It is the most complex table game available at the casino table. The game is played by splitting into two parts so that the betters can relax and play. Although the equal enjoyment isn’t mirrored in the online versions of the game.

• Baccarat – It has proven to be the most popular casino game in Canada after generating 91% of the casino revenue in the year of 2014

• Blackjack – The game has held its place in the hearts of the players. The classic table game of card and strategy is one of the most exciting games to exist.

Licensing Authorities Available

Nobody except the provincial government is allowed to permit a license of a casino in the region. Any company that wants to enter the gambling market needs to send a proposal to the provincial government and qualify the criteria described by the government to supply gaming assets to the players. The FINTRAC working with the PCTFA makes sure the above regulations are followed and propagated smoothly. 


With all the proper regulations being followed in the country and the constantly growing demand, the online gambling market is witnessing rapid growth in the number of gamblers and the average revenue over the years in Canada. The recent pandemic and world moving in the digital direction have also aided the growth of the online gaming industry.

Concerning everything that has been stated so far, the door of innovation has been widened, making the number of possibilities of development in the Canadian online gaming market endless. But then a few questions arise: will this rapid growth in the industry stay constant, or will it dip the charts a bit? And what are the subsequent upgrades we can look forward to? Whatever the outcome may be, we can only hope for a better and more profitable future for the gambling industry of Canada.

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