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Online Bingo Tips & Tricks

Statistics reveal that the revenue generated by Britons through bingo hit £900 million between 2019 and 2020. In addition, around 4 million people in the UK play bingo regularly, which forms a quarter of the gamblers in the country.

Part of the reason why British residents love bingo is that it is legal, but other reasons include access to online bingo and a range of freebies. Online bingo sites also offer a wide variety of tickets, making it convenient for all players. In addition, online bingo also allows you to engage with other players through chat room, giving you a chance to be social, albeit on the virtual platform. 

If you love playing online bingo as much as we do, here are some tips to enjoy and maybe win some cash. 

Tip 1 – Choose a trusted bingo site

The UK is home to hundreds of bingo sites, with some being more trustworthy than others. Playing online bingo at a credible site is paramount for the overall gaming experience. 

Established bingo sites are licensed by the UKGC, have industry-level security, and have a generous welcome bonus. In addition, trusted bingo sites also have multiple payment options, which can be indispensable when you cash out a winning amount. 

Credible bingo sites also have more gaming varieties and bingo lobbies. Some of the top bingo sites we love include Buzz Bingo, Gala Bingo, and Paddy Power Bingo. 

In this regard, independent reviews of the top UK online bingo sites can be a fantastic source of information. 

Tip 2 – Know the bingo strategies 

Bingo is mainly a game of chance, but you can make it more favourable by understanding the strategies and applying them at the opportune time. There are several bingo strategies, but two are commonly used in online bingo games. These strategies are:

  • Tippett: Proposed by Leonard Tippett, a British Statistician, this bingo strategy is to get the numbers 1 to 75 in shorter games and hit numbers close to 38 in longer bingo games. 
  • Granville: In this bingo strategy, the aim is to hit an equal number of even and odd numbers or an equal number of high and low numbers or to hit the same quantity of numbers ending with 1 to 9.

The above-mentioned bingo strategies, as well as others, are based on statistics and mathematics. Using the bingo strategies is usually done by pros, but if you are practising the free bingo versions, it doesn’t hurt to put these strategies, so you can master the game. 

Tip 3 – Buy as many bingo cards as possible

Ask any professional bingo player for an expert tip, and they will suggest buying multiple bingo cards. Buying multiple bingo cards comes with several benefits. 

One, it gives you a higher chance of hitting the winning number. Bingo is essentially a game of luck, and getting as many cards as you can within your budget increases your chances of improving this luck

Second, buying multiple bingo cards also helps you complete a pattern on the cards. Completing the pattern on the cards and increasing your winning chances is only possible if you have multiple bingo cards in your hand.

Tip 4 – Choose the right time to play

Unlike slot games where the jackpots increase proportionally with the players, bingo is a game that works in your favour when there are fewer players. In fact, playing bingo with many players decreases your winning chances. So keeping your opponents as few as possible in online bingo games is always the best choice. 

Early morning and late nights are usually the best times of the day to play online bingo. If you’re curious about the days, weekdays offer you a higher chance of winning bingo than during the weekends. 

Another great tip for bingo enthusiasts is to scout out quieter bingo lobbies. If you play bingo at international sites, check out the local time and website traffic to make the best use of odd playing hours. 

Tip 5 – Keep an eye on bonuses 

Established bingo sites regularly offer bonuses and promotions with impressive amounts reaching up to thousands. For instance, Gala Bingo recently had a Rainbow Riches giveaway with a jackpot of £500,000, which is impressive. 

These monthly promotions, offers and bonuses can be a fantastic chance to bring you a big winning amount. Most bingo sites will display these offers on the home page or the bonus page. Keep an eye out for these special bingo promotions and offers to increase your winning chances. 

Tip 6 – Engage with other players 

Traditionally, bingo is a game that gave precedence to socialization among the players. Online bingo also promotes social engagement among the players through chat rooms. Online bingo sites are also home to professional bingo experts who are more than willing to share their expertise with others. So participating in the chat rooms at bingo sites is a great way to pick up some tips and tricks. 

In addition, bingo chat sites also offer rewards and cash prizes that are separate from the main games. The competitions announced in the chats also come with great prizes, which can double your wins in a significant manner. Even if you don’t really engage/chat with other players, don’t forget to keep an eye out when the chat moderator announces the competitions and rewards. 

Final thoughts

Bingo is a fantastic game that is not only fun, but you also get to win good money if you play right. Hitting a full house with every bingo game is not guaranteed, but referring to the bingo tips in this post is a great way to kick start your game of bingo. 

Regardless of the tips you use, playing online bingo at trustworthy online sites and buying multiple cards is a great way to start a winning game. In addition, it also helps to have a budget for every bingo session, so you don’t blow your finances out of the water. A smart bingo player also knows when to step back so as not to incur irreversible losses. 

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